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    Post by matty boy on Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:31 pm

    Member Name: matty boy

    Xbox GamerTag: Biasunicorn27

    Real Name: matty

    Age: 16

    Location: united kingdom

    Do you have a mic?: yes

    Any previous clan affiliation (Clan Name)?: no

    Have you left that clan?: -

    If you have or have not left your please leave your reason.: -

    Prestige and level: 5th prestige level 40

    Kill/Death Ratio: 1.66

    What is your Score per minute (SPM)?:315

    Primary Game Mode?: HC kc

    What time do you normally play?: any

    Will you participate in clan activities?: yes

    Whats more important? A win for your team or your kill/death ratio?: win

    How often will you visit the site if accepted as an Eval?: as much as possible

    If accepted how would you benefit the clan?: good plays

    Do you agree to follow the clan rules?: yes

    Will you visit the site regularly and stay active at Death Wish?: yes

    Are you new to forums?: no

    Do you have video editing or graphic skills?: sort of

    If you answer yes to the above question please give a link to a sample of the graphic or video you have created.:

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